Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last outpost of crazy: Akin supporters

Move aside Donald Trump. These people make you look like a sage.
Now, this would have been a wonderful time for the Right to engage is education, courage, and square, powerful refutation: exposing how stupid and devious liberal politicians are. Expose their lunacy and lies for all to see! ... Nope. Instead, they savaged the truth and bent, like quivering grass in the winds of assumed political fallout, before the left’s claims. -- Joel McDormon
Liberals want to keep abortion legal so they can continue their ways of rampant sex abuse, and have intercourse with no repercussions. The Lord our God states that intercourse is strictly confined to HETEROSEXUAL partners and is solely used for procreation; it’s not meant to be used by Susie Sorority-Slut to entice the starting Quarterback into “gangbanging” her with his teammates in order to be liked. If you have sex, you HAVE to get pregnant. ... Luckily, Todd Akin, in true Republican fashion, wants to limit the amount of abortions that occur in this country – something that Liberal Democrats wouldn’t know about, as they are too busy urging the Government to intervene in the personal affairs of citizens! ... Rep. Todd Akin recently had the courage to speak up about Christ’s ever-present power and his ability to terminate pregnancies...  A legitimate rape is when a Mexican or Negro gangbanger thug corners a young woman in an alleyway and ravages her body with sex.-- Mark E. Figs
And finally, the most gruesome supporter:
I'm pretty sure Akin would have to serve Rape Victim Smoothies (made with real rape victims) at a fundraising event to fall behind her in the polls!
... Smug turd though he may be, he's right. All Akin did was say what we all think. So let's stand behind him! ... We know that those other candidates, like Steelman and Brunner, could beat McCaskill easily... But Akin is still 1 point ahead, and he's the only honest Christian (NOT a Catholic) of the bunch. He deserves our support, and needs to stay in the race! -- Rev. M. Rodimer
Actually, I got punked. The first one is real, but the last two are from satirical sites that imitate and lampoon conservatives. It's really grotesque and filled with hate. I looked for the equivalent on the conservative side (conservatives pretending to be grotesque caricatures of liberals) but didn't find any. A little luck today, I guess.


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