Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Media bias check using Powell email hack

So, here was a great opportunity for a quick check on media bias. Colin Powell's emails were leaked this afternoon. Who is reporting what? I did a quick survey of six sources.

1. Drudge Report. Just one link:
Colin Powell Urged Hillary Clinton’s Team Not to Scapegoat Him for Her Private Server, Leaked Emails Reveal
2. Fox News. Just one link:
Powell warned Clinton not to make him fall guy over email scandal, leaked messages reveal
3. Breitbart. Two links:
Hacked Colin Powell Email: Bohemian Grove Attendees Will Vote Against Trump, Some Support Third Party Candidate
Colin Powell Mocks Clintons: Hillary ‘Greedy’ — Bill Home With ’Bimbos’ 
4. NPR. Just one link:
Powell: Trump A 'National Disgrace'; Clinton 'Screws Up' Everything 'With Hubris' 
5. ABC News. Just one link:
Colin Powell Is Not a Fan of Either Presidential Candidate, Hacked Emails Show
6. CNN. Two links:
Powell: Trump is 'an international pariah'
Colin Powell calls Benghazi a 'stupid witch hunt' in DCleaks emails 
So, three out of three conservative sources have skewed links. Two out of three MSM sources have balanced stories, and one is skewed. Which looks more biased, conservative media or MSM?