Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September links

Good news about elections. Elections were administered more fairly in 2016 compared to 2012. The metrics included wait times, which is a good check on whether there is enough equipment in a given area.

Superdelegates and Dems. The DNC has reformed how superdelegates will work. It's a technical change, but the last paragraph in the report may be the most telling. Worth a read, truly

Supreme Court nominee on immorality. Brett Kanavaugh, nominee for the Supreme Court, had a blistering view of Bill Clinton, his immoral behavior, and his lying. I have to wonder how Kanavuagh will rule on such issues when he's on the Supreme Court. I'll be watching.

Responsibility for preventing rape. A professor writes an analysis of some arguments about rape prevention. He tries to claim that he's following logic, but appears to stack the deck in his framing of the two sides of the issue. I give him a D on logic.

Who's responsible for Trump? Fascinating discussion on whether having Obama as president caused the election of Donald Trump. Obama says no, but the article comes down on the 'yes' side, but not in a way that is harsh on Obama. Instead, it is harsh on racial resentment present among white Americans.

How Americans process news. A nice slice of life--on a fairly busy newsday, ask Americans what's happening. Write down the answers. Find out some interesting facets about Americans.

Alex Jones update. Regular readers (if they exist) know I intensely dislike Alex Jones. Here he is being quite an annoying asshole. Love the title of the post.

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Jerry said...

Brett Kanavaugh - If a person does not like liars one has to wonder why he allies himself with Trump.

I find it hard to believe that an electorate willing to vote for a black man (for the first time) as president and then vote for him a second time would create such a resentment against a black president, that, that same electorate would vote for a racist like Trump for their president to pronounce their racism.

Alex Jones is just sick. It's to bad we have to bring up his name at all, but we have a responsibility to denounce haters and their hate speech, especially when they try to convince people on a national level to hate.

Anonymous said...

There will be another Alex Jones to replace the current Alex Jones. Then, when the Thought Police ban the new Alex Jones, guess what -- that's right, there will be another new Alex Jones. So on, and so-forth, etc., etc., etc. Censorship of ANY sort is dangerous and futile!

- Tony White

ModeratePoli said...

@Tony White, who is talking about banning Alex Jones. This is about holding him accountable for what he says, including showing what a liar he is and the harm he does. That includes suing his ass because he does severe harm to some people. Accountability is fair and right and in accordance with law. It isn't censorship.