Saturday, October 22, 2011

Funny deja vu moment courtesy of Rick Perry

I was addicted to Intrade 3 years ago--tracking Obama's strength all the way to his victory on Election Day. Then I stopped being such a political junkie, started watching Lost, or something. But today, I remembered it in a flash of inspiration. Let me set the scene.

I'm reading of the latest blunder from Rick Perry. He's trying to restore his support, so he talks about how much he loves guns and hunting. This is the train of my thought:
  1. Of course Perry loves guns.
  2. He probably loves hunting up at N*****head camp.
  3. He's not too smart getting people thinking about that again.
  4. I better check Intrade and see how Romney is doing.
Romney is doing great--his stock is up above $6 a share. Check it out and see where the other candidates are.

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