Sunday, August 18, 2013

Housecleaning: Interesting links

These are a bunch of links I found interesting at the time. They still are, but don't merit a post for each. Here is the unsorted horde from Pandora's box.

  • Waterboarding is torture per someone who's experienced it.
  • Why Romney lost. Best comment. Also look at Aaron B's comment, if you want to take the time to find it.
  • NYT visits young GOPers trying to figure out what went wrong.
  • Why Dems insist on tax increases.
  • Remember when the GOP was spinning all these theories about Benghazi? Here's a lie and its evolution. Quaint. Now everyone is scared to look for the truth.
  • The Political Lie Machine: Obamacare plans will cost $20,000.
  • Mark Manes, the man who sold a gun used at Columbine. He's not evil or callous, so find out how it happened.
  • Yet another gun story with an unhappy ending: veteran shot in Texas.
  • Citation of a study showing that capital gains/dividends are the leading causes of income equality.
  • Long NYT article on the 2011 debt deal negotiations.


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