Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Short: The Tea Party complains about intimidation

"Do as I say, not as I do" could be a motto of the Tea Party. They want to run roughshod over the Republican Party and they don't want any pushback as they do so. The executive director of the Senate Conservatives Fund complains how Tea Party candidates are now the targeted ones:
"It’s all meant to intimidate."
Poor baby! I didn't realize that when you scream "RINO!" and shut down government, that you're really just a two-year-old who must be coddled or your delicate feelings will be hurt. That same two-year-old (or maybe a different one) thinks he can simply order the establishment groups like the Chamber of Commerce to say out of the primaries. Sure, no money or support for establishment types in the primaries, while the Tea Party groups are free to campaign and spend as much as they want.

Maybe this person thinks his dream of a primary should just happen--a total capitulation to the Tea Party ideals. Wake up, kid. We're not in Kansas anymore. A primary is a contest of the fittest, just like the general election. Those are the cold, hard facts of politics. Get used to it.

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