Thursday, April 28, 2016

Desperate Cruz chooses 'The Face' for VP

I am not impressed. Cruz is lean on experience, and he chose Carly Fiorina, someone even leaner on experience.

But, then again, he doesn't have a large pool to choose from. He's pissed off much of Congress except of the 'not ready for prime time' Freedom Caucus. Cruz may have fawning fans, but he doesn't have many friends. How many friends have good credentials? Maybe none.

Thinking about it, Fiorina may the best choice he has. What a bad reflection on him.


Extras. There is the speculation that Cruz needed to do something to capture a newscycle after his dismal showing in five primaries on 4/26/16. Two decent articles about this.

This also adds to the pile of evidence that Cruz isn't a serious politician or statesman. My personal guess is that he's a charlatan. Serious looks like this.


Dangerous said...

It figures Carly would agree to be First Mate on the Titanic after it had already hit the iceberg.

Cruz says that her experience at HP qualifiers her as knowing how to create jobs. He's right. She created thousands of jobs at her competitors as she ran the venerable company into the ground and had to lay off tens of thousands of employees. And I'm writing this on an HP laptop computer with an HP printer staring at me. So it wasn't the products or the people making them. HP always made good products. It must have been mismanagement to focus on the wrong markets or whatever.

But that hardly matters now that Cruz has been shown to be far less than he projected, and far less than Trump either is or projected.

ModeratePoli said...

@dangerous, Great imagery with the iceberg! Thank you! I guess Carly has a better future as a survivor from a shipwreck than in any other job. She'll be mopping up her share of conservative donations, and that depends keeping her name in the news, right?