Friday, April 29, 2016

Why other pols loathe Cruz

I loved this article from the headline all the way through. It explains the very simple ways that Ted Cruz pretends he's a hero, when he clearly isn't. [Short version: Ted is the lone brave Republican who wants to exercise legislative leverage. But he completely ignores how that strategy failed in 2013.]

As I've said before, I think Cruz is a charlatan. He purposefully fools people. I'm not sure what his goal is in this. Maybe it's just money, but it feels like something more than that, and that's scary. Hopefully Cruz will keep fooling the small minority, and the rest of us will prevent whatever scary future Cruz would bring.


Extras. Maybe, someday, someone might write a gothic novel of what the world under Cruz would be like. I can read it and get my dark forebodings fleshed out. Until then, these articles will feed my anxiety: strange Christian supremacist theology and Cruz's father; does Cruz dogwhistle to the same theology: how a racehorse winning the Triple Crown signals the ascent of this weird theology. Alternatively, don't be silly-- Ted Cruz is just a very principled Constitutionalist.

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