Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trump is victorious. On to Act 2.

I've been posting less and have missed some opportunities to ridicule the pathetic plans of the GOP also-ran candidates. Did Cruz and Kasich really think they could overturn the clear result of the primaries? Maybe they did, and that shows how politicians lie to themselves. Maybe they didn't, and that shows how politicians lie to the people. It's probably some of both.

So now that Mr. Terrible-Horrible Trump is clearly going to be the GOP nominee, we'll seeing several new story lines emerge. The most ironic is the dance between Trump and reluctant GOP pols. Most will support him in the end, but supporting him is fraught with risk--the biggest risk being what will come out of Trump's mouth. So politicians like Paul Ryan are delaying their support, watching if Trump will avoid being a complete boor.

We'll also see who continues to resist Trump, and how Trump responds. Will he tear into them as he had before, or will he temper his response as a potential president should? Stay tuned.

It didn't work out that way...

Extras. "I coulda been a contenda" -- Ted Cruz complaining that Rubio wouldn't team up with him. Cruz doesn't seem to realize that he is extremely repellent, so being his No. 1 best buddy isn't a job many people will want. Ted Cruz's long history of being repellent.

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redmancheyenne said...

This election seems to have an endless supply of political humor. It might not be as funny when one of the front runners get elected but for now, I'll have my fun!