Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Short: Disenfranchised Texas voters

Finally I saw a number on how many voters had trouble getting acceptable IDs under the Texas voter ID laws. The number is 600K, or 4.5% of voters in Texas.

Then I read more closely, and that is an estimate by plaintiffs in the suit against the state law. They would probably want to overcount  rather than undercount the number affected.

Nonetheless, it's an interesting article on voter ID and remedies for those voters impeded by the voter ID requirements.

Image: soapblox.com

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Luke said...

I'll ASSume those numbers represent more Democratic voters, than Republican voters. And it's not just Texas.
If a government ID card is required just for voting, and one has to pay for that "voting" card, that is a poll tax.
Just as the court decided Texas was being unconstitutional in closing abortion clinics causing an undo burden to acquire a legal abortion; I hope the court uses that same reasoning to strike down some of these voting laws.