Friday, April 7, 2017

Short: Drop dead date for ACA?

In all the reporting on the failed attempt to repeal and replace ACA, I didn't hear that an important vote will need to happen by the end of April.

ACA has always had a lot of moving pieces, so many ways that it could fail either quickly or slowly. If this article is right, there is a complicated interplay between a court case, subsidies to insurance companies, appropriations, and possible backlash. I would rehash all the details here--who knows if we even know all the details? The upshot is that there may be an important development concerning ACA within the next month, so be alert for news.

Bandage removal: fast or slow? Now or later?

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Dangerous said...

As long as the ACA subsidies rise with the premiums, the government gains almost nothing from not paying the insurance carriers their re-insurance guarantees. Not that many people use the exchanges to buy private coverage (I do, but I'm an exception) so the overall impact would likely be more PR than radical problems for a lot of people. Cutting back Medicaid would have a much greater impact.

Who takes the blame is the product of messaging. The Rs will message that Obamacare is failing because of Obamacare. The Ds will message that the Rs intentionally killed it and that they took healthcare away from people. Both sides will convince their side only.