Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Political Lie Machine: An Artificial Crisis

A talking point for the left has been that Tea Party aligned House member created an artificial crisis over raising the debt ceiling. The argument goes that Congress already voted for the spending, so the borrowing for that spending was implicitly approved at that time.

Well, kinda, sorta, but it's a pretty weak argument. By tedious but realistic analogy, if you've been whipping out your credit card all month, you've promised to pay all those bills. But you'd be a fool not to look at the total and gasp if it's incredibly high. It's not only important to see the big picture on spending, it's critically important. So, I call bullshit on this argument.

(Apologies for not having a better link to illustrate. It's maybe 6 days this I read arguments like this, and I already can't find the article. The internet is a google times worse than my attic.)

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