Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Unbearable Stupid: The Donald announces

I hate Donald Trump. He is one of the worst, least serious voices in politics. His role in the 2012 campaign was nauseating, all the more so because other candidates paid him some respect, which only served to pump him up some more.

Today he announced he's running for president. Of course he isn't! This is just a stupid, cynical, egotistical leap into what should be a serious race. The GOP presidential race is already not as serious  as it should be because the conservative media loves to anoint any favorite, no matter how fleeting, as a potential president. (I remember people declaring "Scott Brown for President" after his upset victory in a Massachusetts special election.) This year we have a former surgeon and political toddler named Ben Carson running, pumped up by God-knows-who.

The GOP doesn't seem to know what to do with its legion of joke candidates. They certainly aren't nearly embarrassed enough by all of them. With trepidation, I checked what the conservative media was saying about Trump's announcement. Oh no! HotAir looks positive on it:

Open thread: The classiest presidential announcement you’ve ever seen; Update: Trump’s in

Luckily, the content of the article points out many of the problems in Trump running, how unpopular he is, how this is probably a vanity campaign, what a long shot he is, etc. What a relief that the author isn't taking it as a serious campaign. I'm not going to tempt fate and read the comment section.

Breitbart.com gives Trump a straight news story, but Scott Walker is still the top story. That's good.

The Daily Caller shoves the story down into the third place ranking (or does it happen automatically by clicks?). Is the nasty picture (below) an editorial comment? I bet it is.

Maybe The Donald is finally getting the disrespect he deserves. About time.

Image: dailycaller.com

Update 6/20/15. Trump hired extras to plump out the crowd for his announcement. Pay was $50 for 3 hours work.


Dangerous said...

Every clown car needs a driver, and the GOP has found theirs.

I hate Donald Trump at least as much as you, but I'm going to support him anyway because we went to the same university. (Just kidding.)

With just the minimum of scrutiny, his fa├žade will fall away. I have no doubt he is very rich -- lots of real estate moguls can live that way -- but his true net worth is just as likely negative or could be at any moment. The Donald is the epitome of someone who OWES billions of dollars being just as important as someone who HAS billions of dollars. I'm sure all of his properties are mortgaged to the hilt.

The Donald is famous for stiffing contractors on his casinos in Atlantic City, declaring bankruptcy to screw people and save himself, and trying to pretend he's blameless and everyone else is just after his money.

I would not believe anything he says or even puts in his financial disclosures. It will all be as much fiction as his assertions about Obama's birth certificate. The fact is, most of his real estate ventures are failures he pursued to pump up his own ego. While some financial institutions want to loan him money, mostly it's to defend their own prior bad investments with him to keep his house of cards afloat in hopes of eventually recouping prior losses.

There's a reason over half of GOP voters would never support him.

Marshall in the Middle said...

Totally agree. The Donald is pompous wind-bag, and you're right that it's people like him that make everybody who's not a Republican just chuckle at them. We have a problem though because the Democrats are just as pathetic with Hil"liar"y running on the other side.

ModeratePoli said...

@CM, no, we don't totally agree. There is no way that Hillary is equal in crappiness to Donald. She has been a serious politician for decades. That comes with a lot of lying, unfortunately. Hillary hardly excels in the lying category--not that you can actually do metrics on lying.

If you hate Hillary as much as you hate Trump, there must be other reasons involved. Focus on those, and we can have a discussion. It might be enlightening for both of us.

Marshall in the Middle said...

No, you're right... Hillary is not nearly the crook that Trump is., i was just saying that the Dems' top candidate is hardly a shining star either. I actually think she has some good points- mainly experience. She's just SUCH a politician.

ModeratePoli said...

@CM, now we agree again. Hillary is tarnished in many ways, and she seems to lack core principles other than being a generic Dem. However, Obama's lack of experience wasn't good, so I'd prefer not to go down that road again.