Sunday, August 23, 2015

Trump thinks he's serious

This is some of the worst news I've heard. There are indications that Trump is personally serious about his run for president. I think he's a joke candidate, but I thought he understood that--that he's just an egomaniac pretending to run for president, kind of like what happened in the movie Bulworth. He announces he's running (not a serious commitment), says a few snide things, watches his polls, says some more snide things, but it's all just a joke, so who care?

However, Trump is adding some strategy to his campaign, and that has me worried. He just held a huge rally in Alabama, with 30K people clamoring for him. Why Alabama? This is the frightening part:
Trump views Alabama, and the other Southern states that hold March 1st primaries, as the key to locking down the Republican nomination.
If he's seriously trying to win, the party is going to have to knock him down. They were able to do that with the challengers to Romney, but it looks like it might be harder this time. It shouldn't be, but it might be. Trump has got his own money to throw into the race. Perhaps he'll also collect money bombs like Ron Paul did. He could also finance his campaign on credit, then declare bankruptcy (again). The bad news is that lack of money isn't likely to stop him.

I'm not sure what will stop him. Going too far in insulting people hasn't stopped him yet, so I won't bank on that. However, he has a lot of months to say stupid stuff and collapse his campaign. There is plenty of time for bimbo eruption, treasures from legal actions and bankruptcy files, and his own words to choke him.

He may be thinking that he can wrap it all up with the March 1st primaries, but March 1st is over six months from now. Can Trump really last six months without torpedoing himself? I doubt it. I just hopes it happens sooner rather than later. I don't want to be eating my words on March 2nd, or worrying about it throughout January and February. I like risks to be remote, not in my face.


Extras. Trump's list of good journalists includes Geraldo. Telling. Trump knocks an opponent for a Photoshop mistake, so it's not all serious stuff with the Donald.


Dangerous said...

Hey, MP, are you REALLY worried about Trump getting the nomination, or just saying that so that ultra-lefty Hillary or any other socialist scum the Dems nominate have it easy in the general election? I know how you so-called "moderates" work. Hide your lefty agenda in reasonable-sounding things like "Affordable Care Act". Trump tells it like it is!!

I'm just teasing, of course, MP. But I do actually doubt that you're worried, except if Trump somehow could win the presidency. If so, just let me know where at the Canadian border you want to meet to start our new lives. Same goes for Cruz, Fiorina, Huckabee, Carson (seriously?), Paul, etc. As for the others like Kasich, Bush, Rubio, Christie, I'll reserve judgment but keep my car gassed up and start looking on Zillow for a nice place to retire around, say, Ottawa. I'm not sure I'd want to live in a country who would elect any of these clowns, especially with a GOP-controlled legislature. I'd conclude that this country is so over if that happens.

As for Trump, they let him take the wheel of the clown car, and I doubt they can wrestle it from him. That was a HUGE mistake on their part. 30K people in Alabama? If he were the GOP nominee, I'm not sure he would win the state. FOUR BANKRUPTCIES!! One bankruptcy would be the end for most candidates. It would be the word of the campaign. His secret plan for ISIS? Bankruptcy. His plan for dealing with China? Bankruptcy. His jobs program? Bankruptcy.

He's toast in a general.

ModeratePoli said...

@dangerous, according to the known patterns, Trump shouldn't be able to win the nomination. I know the truth about that pattern, and I didn't worry in 2012 at all. I'm a bit worried this time because Trump has shown some ability to play to his strengths. It's also possible that I'm underestimating the number of stupid GOP primary voters--ones that will happily pull the lever for Trump. It's not as though I, in Massachusetts, can take the temperature of a bunch of GOPers to find out whether they're ready to jump the shark and vote for this guy.

As for leaving the country, I've never even considered it. I don't know the first thing about emigrating and trying to set up life in a different country. I don't exactly what to subtract my voice from this country either. So I'll be sticking around to experience what happens first hand.