Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Short:The cost of aiming at Trump

Trump isn't playing by the old rules where you have to behave with the decorum as a potential president should. He's going a more populist route of 'telling it like it is' and getting his hands dirty. When so few politicians tell any unvarnished truth, these flashes of truth are thrilling.

I cheered when Trump when he said this to Ted Cruz:
"You are the single biggest liar."
I would have loved it even more if Trump had pointed out specific instances when Cruz was a huge liar.

One consequence of this occasional detour into truth-telling is that donors are more worried about putting their money where their political leanings are. For anyone thinking of contributing to an anti-Trump campaign, he may not hesitant to:
  • Sue you.
  • Tweet nasty lies about you.
  • Tweet nasty truths about you. 
  • Tweet nasty photos of you.
  • Ditto, but concerning your family members too.
Yeah, that might make you pause, and put away your checkbook.

Trump acquired and tweeted pictures of this reporter/anchor
Image: youtube.com

Extra. I missed this. Rubio called Cruz a liar before Trump did, according to this article. I sorely wish I could get onstage at one of these debates and call them all liars, providing details, of course.

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