Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hail, the witch is dead!

I'm not in a mood to be generous or compassionate to one of the least compassionate people I'd ever seen. I intensely disliked Scalia, and I still do. So I'm glad he's dead and his seat on the Supreme Court will be opening up. It's seems unlikely that someone worse will get to occupy that seat. The next justice probably won't compare loving same-sex relationships to murder.

I won't be forgetting any time soon that Scalia hated the idea of same-sex marriage. I love marriage (thanks to my sweetie and our nearly 40 years together), and I hope and pray other people can experience this happiness. Scalia doesn't mind a bit for such happiness to be denied to whole groups of people. What a bitch! Even people who support him can't make him sound like a nice person, a kind, caring person. He's a fire-breathing dragon, a wicked witch, a mean old man.

And now he's dead. Thank God death triumphs over all of us eventually.


Update 2/23/16. Scalia wasn't assassinated, in case you were a paranoid conspiracy nut.

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