Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Worst President in My Lifetime

My conclusion: not Nixon, who is the scummiest. Not Carter, the most ineffectual. Not Obama, despite these opinions:

"History is more likely to conclude that Obama was the worst president of your lifetime.  Jimmy Carter meanwhile is overjoyed at being bumped up a place." - a blog comment

"the libs can blame G W Bush as much as they want but it's obama who has brought the USA to the brink of destruction and maybe over it. This s.o.b. really scares me."- yahoo answer
Considering the state of the economy and the national debt when he left office, I think Bush will be considered a far worse president than Obama. Bush, with his unfunded wars and tax cuts, is vastly more responsible for this mess than Obama is. People can fault  Obama for how he handled a crisis situation, but it is one he inherited, not one that he made. When people label Obama as the worst president of our lifetime, I see rank partisanship in that.

Update 12/30/11. The Onion foresaw this, but we didn't listen, to our own needless destruction. O, woe to us! (Credit - xpostfactoid.)


LogicOne said...

Obama did not inherit anything, he bought the office with over 600 million dollars donated by those who wanted a return on their money. He and willing democrats in the House and Senate increased the national debt and spend much more in 3 years than any other President in our history.

ModeratePoli said...

@LogicOne, most of this comment is against my rules in that there is hardly any substance.

"did not inherit" is bogus. The country was in a certain state when he took over, so he inherited that. About the House and Senate increasing the debt, you should pay attention to the national economic situation, but you don't.

This isn't a place for talking points. Don't post like this again. Write something with substance or don't write at all.

One other point--you committed one of fallacies I list in this post--ignoring context.

Jay said...

Love this site, very informative and useful in so many ways. And to LogicOne, you are a moron, I guess that would be use of number 2 on the list...LOL :)

ModeratePoli said...

@Jay, thanks. What have you found useful?