Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My goal: Understanding the Tea Party

My main goals for this blog have been to question and clarify my own thoughts on politics, to research, to share the insights from that research, and to get opinions from other readers.

One question that has a big impact on politics of the last few years is the meaning of the Tea Party movement. I've been trying for a long time to understand it from the inside, but also as an outside impartial observer. I also want to examine connections, if any, between the tea party movement and increasing partisanship, which is a critically important topic in its own right.

I want to examine the origins of the Tea Party, the meanings of their slogan "Take back the country," and perhaps other topics as time goes on. Here are my posts so far:

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ModeratePoli said...

I wanted to keep this out of this post, but I built up a lot of frustration while I was researching the Tea Party. Here's the resulting rant.