Thursday, May 31, 2012

Short: Playing with the electoral map

The LA Times has a fun electoral map where you can assign and reassign swing states to either Obama or Romney. In playing with it, I found that my estimate for Obama's best haul is 311 electoral college votes. If he does better than that, I'll be very surprised. For Romney, that number is 301.

I played around with scenarios I thought were likely, and found one where it's a tie. Obama loses Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Virgina, N. Carolina, and Florida, but keeps Ohio, PA, Wisconsin, N. Mexico, and N. Hampshire. I think I'll die from anxiety if that happens. Or maybe I should bet that it WILL happen, and the thought of collecting on the bet will keep me breathing.

Strange bit: To search for this image, I typed "ambulance emergency oxygen mask" into Google, and got about 8 pictures of Dennis Hopper in the first 6 pages of images.

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