Friday, June 7, 2013

Short: Lots of Republicans are derpy

Josh Barro, an admitted recent deserter from the conservative fold, is my new favorite blogger. We seem to share a lot of the same opinions and the same lack of patience for lies and stupidity. His lack of patience also means that he gets to the point fast. As a lazy reader, I love that. I don't have to hack through the verbiage, so I can still catch up on his posts when it's past bedtime, or when I'm hung over (actually, I'll find that out this weekend).

In this refreshing post, he perfectly describes the kind of person who repeats their talking points endlessly, and won't stop no matter how much evidence has piled up refuting their belief. People like this are derps. However, even though the GOP has way too many derps, Barro will stick with being a Republican. Fun reading at anytime, day or night.

And remember, don't be a derp.

(No image. "Derp" is not only stupid, it's apparently very ugly too.)

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Dangerous said...

Nice term! I will particularly like using it to dismember the argument against compromise since doing so would "abandon our beliefs". It's now standard practice in the GOP to fall back on that canard. All they would really have to do is abandon their biases.