Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Short: Political overreach ... in Egypt

"After Mr. Morsi persuaded the military to yield him full powers last August, he and his Brotherhood allies increasingly operated as though his narrow electoral victory gave them a mandate to override their civilian opposition." -- New York Times article [emphasis added]

Gosh, where have we seen that before?


Anson Burlingame said...

OK, here goes. My own blog can be found at with the title "I'm Not Sure, Are You?"

I am a 71 year old conservative, but one that has become more liberal over my lifetime. I reject most things of a "radical" nature from either side of the political aisle. But I remain a self professed conservative, but as well an Independent one as far as party affiliation, which is NONE.

I am now a follower of this blog and will drop by from time to time.


ModeratePoli said...

@Anson, Your thoughts and opinions are very welcome here. Be sure to check out my new post on the Zimmerman/Martin case.