Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fact checking comparison

I read the following in a comment about requiring ID to vote:
"In fact the Republican chairs in both Pennsylvania and Florida ADMITTED that this was why they were doing it."
That shouldn't be hard to check. Fire up Google, search for "party chair admits reason for voter ID" and I get this:

Are there any conservative sites that covered this issue? Not in the first 100 hits. Let's try the conservative alternative to Google called yippy:

Zip on getting this information from the conservative search engine. One more try, this time I'll take the search directly to a conservative site, The Daily Caller:

What's funny is that there's video for both Pennsylvania and Florida party officials talking about this. My God, video.

God I love technology. Remember, whatever you try to hide, it isn't going to stay hidden.



Get72ready said...

How can we possibly expect an informed electorate with our broken media? I don't see how we win here.

ModeratePoli said...

@Get, our media is only part of the problem. Remember, our media is what the people settle for,

Jonathan Bernstein has cited studies showing how partisan people are, even when they say they're independent. So our media is most likely a reflection of us rather than something that became broken first.

Besides, how can we handle the "broken" media? I'm not going to make any assumptions about your answer, so you'll have to comment.

Thanks for commenting. Please comment in more detail when you return.

get72ready said...

@ MP Oh, I don't pretend to have a solution have a solution for the media. When "the news" went from a cost center to a revenue source for broadcasters and cable programming providers, they changed the formatting to gain ratings. It would take someone or some corporation willing to lose money (on purpose, i am not talking about CNN). Or some other kind of game changer like the FCC requiring different content. None of that is likely.

Sure, the media is a reflective what people want, I am saying that people want the wrong things. They want candy not vegetables. And yes I am making a judgment on what other like to do with their personal time. It affects all of us. Driving drunk is a ridiculous comparison but that is in the same book of social responsibility.

Have you seen this TED talk on filter bubbles