Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Creating his own religion

I'm reading the long set of responses to a question posted by Rod Dreher, an orthodox Christian. He wants to know how people have lost their faith, and he wants to hear the individual stories.

One of the responses was so full of human truth. The writer, as a young child, pretended to be saved so a crazy lady preacher wouldn't hurt him. Then Grandpa (a deacon) made sure the crazy lady never preached there again. Even for a deacon, some of it is tooooo crazy!

This writer has developed his own set of simple religious beliefs:
Only One God. Only One Humanity. Only One Rule ('do unto others…') Only One Time (NOW is our only point of contact with Eternity...) Only One Destiny (either Everybody goes to heaven – after healing – or Nobody does.)

Then he wrote this:
I really don’t much care anymore what the Answer is. It doesn't make a difference on my behavior, or on the behavior of anyone I know. The good people keep on being good, regardless of their religion, and the selfish bastards keep on being selfish, regardless of Their religion.
I love this simplicity, and it feels more truthful than all the wild stories in many religions. Are we supposed to take those seriously? But that's what some people need--a  complex set of myths sold as the gospel truth that happened exactly that way.

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Dangerous said...

The second paragraph -- the commentary on the nature of humans vis-à-vis religious belief -- is a clear statement of truth.

The first paragraph describing the writers personal credo, is more a statement of opinion. "Only One God" seems very limiting and potentially dismissive of other people's conception of God, whether one or many, although if he choses to that for himself I'd hope that he means it that he has only one god, and not that there IS only one God.

ModeratePoli said...


I read his credo differently. When he says "Only One God," I take it to mean unity and equivalence between all the entities that are called 'God' by all the different religions. Similarly, there is unity and equivalence among people, as expressed in "Only one humanity."