Saturday, January 9, 2016

Conservative media lies again

No big surprise. There's a splashy headline and then other assorted (and sordid) lies. This time it's the Washington Examiner. Here's the headline:

Details on Bill Clinton's ride on pedophile's 'Lolita Express' sought

Here's another probable lie:
According to news reports, the former president took several flights on the jet to the Epstein's island, and at least on one was accompanied by "4 secret service," according to a flight logbook first reported on by
Amazingly, there's actually a link to a different story, this time at Gawker. However, the Gawker story makes no claims that Bill Clinton flew to Epstein's island. Instead, the plane was used on a "week-long anti-poverty and anti-AIDS tour of Africa." More important is the link from the Gawker article to actual flight logs.

If you check out the flight logs, as I did and the reporters at Gawker did, you don't find anything about Clinton going to some private island--only airports like those in Hong Kong, Portugal, Mozambique, Miami, and White Plains. So it looks like the Washington Examiner claimed something for which it had absolutely no evidence--in other words, THEY LIED. Well, surprise, surprise. I'll put this in the vault next to the conservative media lying about Shirley Sherrod, where Obama was born, and the millions of other lies they disseminate like plague.


Update 7/9/16. This isn't about the Epstein Lolita Perv Island lie, but a new, different lie. As usual, I read about the issue in a throw-away comment from a conservative troll. Supposedly, a gun that was run down to Mexico in the Fast and Furious scandal was used in the Paris massacres. Except that the source information doesn't say that at all. One of the guns used in Paris was traced to a dealer in Phoenix who might have been involved in Fast and Furious though there is no direct evidence that this is true. Well, the conservative lie machine can't let that stop them, can they? Of course not.

Update 12/29/17. The Washington Examiner, that rag that pretends it's a news site, had an editorial about accuracy in reporting. Hahahahaha. Unfortunately, no comment thread where I can blast them.

Update 7/9/19. Jeffery Epstein is now facing the charges on trafficking underage girls. Bill Clinton hasn't been named in charges and neither has Trump. However, speculation abounds. The Miami Herald has been following it most closely, but there's this interesting piece from Vanity Fair. And a brilliant takedown of one of the prosecutors lame explanations. How to stop the spin cold!

Update 7/13/19. Many connected to the case and the sweetheart deal are now under scrutiny.


Dangerous said...

Relentless. They are relentless.

I watched some talking heads on CNN after SOTU last night, and when faced with facts, the far-right commentator (both politically and seated position) continued just said "No NO NO!!" to any facts that anyone else stated -- including the moderators -- then proceeded to say "The fact is ... ."

The one that comes to mind is on the vague notion of how American is viewed in the world so much more negatively now. So Anderson Cooper cites Pew polling showing American held in much higher esteem just about everywhere than when Bush left office. "No no no!!" says right-winger. "Just look," he yells. "Russian is on the move. China is reining supreme and everyone is laughing at us and thinks Obama's weak." I'm paraphrasing, of course, but that was the gist of the comments and his recitation of supposed facts.

How can anyone argue with someone like that? What's the point of even trying? Yet, he or someone like him gets equal time to spew nonsense with utter certainty and zero nuance. But then they claim Obama is to blame, calm, collected family man Obama, for the escalation in bitterness. They call for Obama's destruction, but he's to blame for their bitterness?

My conclusion is that these guys just have to be run over. It's risky. Obviously, engagement is the preferred course rather than civil war -- hot or cold -- but they really aren't giving us any choice, are they? Surrender or fight, they declare, even though we are the majority in the democracy and in the last two presidential elections.

I'm with General Sherman: "War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen and I say let us give them all they want."

Anonymous said...

You're an asthat and supporter of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. lol

ModeratePoli said...

@Buzz, Really? Is that the best you can do? Don't you want to cite a youtube video or something?