Friday, January 29, 2016

Last outpost of crazy: Stubby

This is so weird:
Good grief. With a response like this you'd think I asked Mr @realDonaldTrump abt the length of his fingers or something important like that
That's a tweet from a Republican senator who isn't a fan of Trump. I'm not sure which response he refers to, though it doesn't seem to come from Trump, but instead from someone with the handle AmericanSunlight.

So what's this about Donald Trump's fingers? The not-very-forgiving Mr. Trump has acted childishly for over 20 years over a comment about his fingers. (As Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up.)

So what was the senator's offense? Tweeting some pointed questions, though not nearly enough of them. But I'm still not sure how the questions relate to the Donald's fingers.

One other interesting point: this senator seems to prefer the rather unpopular Cruz to Trump. It seemed like more senators are leaning the other way, with Cruz being the persona non grata. Damned if I can figure this out. But nonetheless, I'll repeat the taunt against Trump:

Image: @mooshakins

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