Friday, August 5, 2016

Short: Analysis of Trump's campaign strategy

I've written about Trump's ridiculous political strategy that worked to secure him the GOP nomination. This view is from a different angle, which is how Trump is going to keep voters interested in him. So it's more a media strategy than a political strategy. Short, pithy, informative, and funny in a gut-wrenching way.


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Paul said...

What's scary is how many suckers are out there. I heard Trump got 17 million votes during the primary. That's scary. If he gets only half of all Republican votes in the general election, that's about 40 million votes!
Maybe I'm just hoping, but I still expect a landslide for Hillary. But then Americans voted for Bush II the second time, so I guess I don't know the American voter.
America hasn't been on the left side of politics since LBJ, that's almost 50 years. The Democrats have been pulled to the right of center and I don't consider Clinton, or Obama to be liberals in the same sense as LBJ, or JFK.