Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump Shitstorm Warning

Trump had a meeting with some Hispanic supporters (snark--it must have been a very small meeting). One of the supporters reported that Trump "regretted having made those comments." Which comments? Oh, just the ones about Mexicans being rapists and drug dealers.

The article is a must-read. Supposedly Trump promised a fair and humane policy concerning illegal immigrants currently in the US.

What is going to happen when Trump is asked about this? Is he going to repeat that his policy will be fair and humane? Allow me to express my doubts. If he were to repeat that his policies for the illegal immigrants already in this country will be fair and humane, that is when the shitstorm will occur. I think it should be here by midweek unless Trump reiterates his opposition to any kind of amnesty and any 'humane' policies. That is my prediction. Stay tuned for updates. (I may have to eat crow.)



Dangerous said...

As if we didn't need any more evidence, it's clear that Trump will say or do anything that is good for Trump, no matter what he said and did before. Clearly, he wants to please the audience not for the audience's sake but so that they leave with positive feelings about him.

He's first and foremost a salesman / con-man after something from his mark. Once he gets it, he has no use for them any longer. The talk is that this is a "pivot" to woo suburban voters by showing that he isn't really a racist after all (fat chance after re-tweeting known white supremacists). I suspect there's some of that in the strategists minds, but he would probably say the same things just to try to get enough votes to win rather than lose huge.

The media still wants a house race not a blowout, so they are going to give Trump more credit for these entreaties than he deserves, and continue to whack Hillary as "untrustworthy" over little stuff when Trump is both a compulsive liar and tactical liar.

Paul said...

After all the lies Trump has told, why would people believe him now as he spews his non-apologies? It will be interesting to see how many suckers (votes) he will win.

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