Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bipartisans in the Race

Hunstsman is a bipartisan, or at least was when he worked in the Obama administration as ambassador to China. Ron Paul doesn't seem to believe in partisan politics, his ideals put him above all that. Obama tried to be bipartisan, but we have to forgive him if he believes it was a vain attempt. Republicans have not only spurned his bipartisanship, they have accused him of being a socialist, Marxist, anti-American, a Muslim terrorist, the most polarizing politician in America. He hasn't gotten any love or respect for his real efforts.


I wrote that on November 17th. If anything, it's become more significant and poignant since then. Romney has upped his trashing of Obama, and Gingrich has upped his trashing of everyone. I didn't see any glimmers of bipartisanship during the Christmas recess, even though Congress will have to take up the continuation of the Social Security tax cuts. Oy vey!

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