Friday, December 9, 2011

Advice to Mitt

Romney isn't going to be able to corner Newt on policy issues. He's already tried on health insurance mandates, and Newt simply admitted to it. He didn't go on to justify it, he just left it as an error, plain, simple and small. That was very smart.

Romney would be much better complimenting Newt on ideas and conservative strategy, then questioning him on character issues and governing style. There's a lot to work with there. Just imagine an open-ended question on how Newt decided to do the global warming commercial with Pelosi.


I guess the Romney campaign doesn't need my advice. From CBS today:
...Gingrich's erratic behavior had imperiled future progress. "You were in a situation where you would get up in the morning, and you would have the to check the newspaper, the clippings, that was before the Internet, to see what the Speaker had said that day that you were going to have to clean up after in your own district."
 Be honest --what's the first thing that jumped into your mind?

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