Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top gaffes of the Democratic convention

For Democrats, it was a pretty well organized convention without too many socialistic promises made. So it was an improvement on the last big platform event, the State of the Union speech. The Dems embarrassed themselves in small ways, but not in big ways. (Much better than Obama's last big speech, the SOTU.)
  • The "Government is the only thing we all belong too" video. This isn't a good sentiment when trust in government is low, as it is now. Obama campaign is distancing itself. See good critiques at HotAir and Reason.
  • Nixing the stadium. This looks like over-reach, trying to fill a stadium again, and then canceling it for weather concerns. This is a problem with its roots in his 2008 acceptance speech. Just as well to bite the bullet this time and go back to a normal venue. No campaign should repeat the stadium thing.
  • Floor vote for putting God and Jerusalem back in the platform. Poor optics on the part of the platform committee, poorly handled on the convention floor. They didn't send out enough memos or email, obviously, so the voice vote didn't go as it should. Many pundits/blogs thought this was the worst gaffe of the convention, but I don't think there will be much mileage out of a perfunctory mention of God and Jerusalem. They're just not the major issues in the campaign or important wedge issues. (By the way, what are the wedge issues?)
  • Bill Clinton gave a great speech, but did you know he's a serial rapist? I'm seeing this charge frequently just in time for the DNC. (However, Ann Coulter was years ahead of the meme.) I'm following this rule for political decisions -- no disqualifications due to sexual misdeeds. The moral outrage is never applied consistently. People excuse and forgive on their side, but try to run those on other side out of government and out of town. I'm tired of the hypocrisy, and I don't want to narrow the choice of candidates to only those who are strictly faithful in their marriage vows. This pass doesn't extend to harassing or fooling around with minors. That's still verboten.
  • I guess Biden disappointed those counting on him to gaffe.
  • The Blaze found a delegate who said "Romney will destroy this country completely." If she were to meet him, she wants to kill him. Substitute 'Obama' for 'Romney' and you have a typical Tea Party interview or right-wing comment on a news blog. Yawn. Does this register on anyone's outrage meter anymore?
  •'s pick for best and worst.
The Dems didn't even come close to crippling themselves, so this counts as a good convention. The Dems still have plenty of time to screw up, and the GOP often counts on this happening. By staying on message, the Dems are making the GOP work for a win this time instead of just handing it to them.

 Dem equivalent of Tea Party crazy

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Anonymous said...

I'll step back and agree with your post this time, MP, as the items you highlight were the ones that took the Dems off-message, albeit with some GOP spin and media cheerleading to keep the covention interesting.

Case in point: moving from the stadium. It was a good idea but the notion that Obama wouldn't be able to fill the stadium is just silly. They had the people already signed up for it. There was a distinct, if uncertain, possibility of really bad weather, and it did rain that evening. I think 1) weather and 2) optics were the reasons, not failure to fill the stadium -- unless weather kept people away.

None of this mattered because Bill Clinton was SOOOOOO good. Perhaps his best talk ever, much of it off-the-cuff and totally engaging; probably the best 45 minute social studies class ever held. Perfect balance of facts, analysis, commentary and humor from someone people trusted before, and trust even more now. And it wasn't based on talking points, which made all the difference. The only weak portion was on the debt and deficits, which is by far the hardest material to cover. We need a separate 45-minute talk from him just on that.

Obama repeating the Tweet he received that Bill Clinton should be "Secretary of Explaining [Stuff]", is also pitch perfect. This is why people are remembering the good stuff from the convention, and ignoring the small stuff. The country needs a Secretary of Explaining Shit.