Monday, February 26, 2018

February links 2

Just a quick list.

Account of a Russian troll in the St. Petersburg troll factory.

This article about world leadership spurred me to reflect on the sad state of world leadership. But could be worse.

The partisans in Florida are angry with the sheriff of the county where the school shooting happened. Not because he did his job poorly, but because he's going about gun rights orthodoxy. Related. And another.

A big attack by Syrians and Russian mercenaries on a Kurdish/US base. Surprising, but no escalation. No hype about it either.

Finally, the Dem memo countering the sad Nunes memo was released. No surprises here either. A nit-picky critique of the memo.

The Dems in California want someone louder and more progressive than Dianne Feinstein. Eye roll. These are the Dems that go to the state conventions, not the whole of Dem voters.

A dialog I want to read about deficits and debt.

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