Friday, March 21, 2014

Short: What's this 'Aqua Buddha' thing?

There are some snickers about Rand Paul and 'Aqua Buddha.' Am I supposed to know what this is? Is it more or less important than Clinton and a blue dress?

I don't want to look like an out-of-the-loop fool, so I fired up Google and found the answer to this mystery ...

It's definitely worth a few snickers. Rand Paul pulled a college prank 30 years ago, someone dug it up, wrote an article about it, and then his senatorial opponent stupidly cast doubts about Rand Paul based on this ancient inconsequential incident. Rand Paul correctly rained scorn on the opponent when he brought it up during a debate.

Be sure to check out the links because everyone should have a good laugh. But I have a follow-up question: what is the future for 'Aqua Buddha?' I think this is just the beginning. We may have decades of Aqua Buddha fun in store for us.


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