Friday, July 31, 2015

Short: What's in a (nasty) name?

I hate a particular kind of name-calling where you make a nasty play on a person's name. As my rules for commenters says "Insults such as libtard, Obummer, Repug, wingnut, and moonbat are not welcome."

From what I've seen, conservatives tend to be worse in this sort of behavior. Some positively relish coming up with new concoctions on the name Obama. I'm pretty sure it's a major pastime for Limbaugh.

Now there's a new one: cuckservative.

It definitely sounds nasty, but the sound is just the beginning. A cuckservative is a conservative who stupidly isn't on board with ... (how should I phrase this?) ... 'white interests.'

Here's a mostly clean version of the viewpoint. Here's a very raunchy version. Beware before you click.


Extras. This reminds me of Derbyshire and dark enlightenment. More etymology, if you're not repulsed enough already. I've got a strong stomach and training with bodily fluids. That's my excuse.

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Kylopod said...

I think the practice you're describing was largely popularized by Limbaugh (remember feminazi?) and it went on from there to become a staple of right-wing talk radio. Sometimes I'm astounded by the lameness of some of the examples, like these people have a sense of humor that hasn't changed since they were in third grade. When Conor Friedersdorf took on Mark Levin, Levin referred to him as "Friedersdork." Devastating, huh?

Professional liberal commentators just haven't gotten into this practice very much. One time Jon Stewart had a segment in which he referred to Sarah Palin as "Blamey Whinehouse." That struck me as a bit Limbaugh-esque, and I wished he hadn't done it, which generally he doesn't. Internet commenters are a different matter. I cringe every time I hear someone say "Rethug" or talk about the "Reich wing." I do admit, though, to liking the term "Faux news," and to referring sarcastically to the 40th president as "Saint Ronnie." Unlike most examples, those ones are actually (a) clever, and (b) truthful.