Saturday, February 4, 2017

Links to important topics

I haven't posted much, but I have been saving some links to read and share.
  • The Economist on how worried foreign leaders are about Trump. Yes, and some of it is already coming true. 
  • Evidence (largely anecdotal) that FBI Director Comey's announcement of further investigation of Clinton's emails wasn't an important factor in her loss of the presidential election. 
  • A New York Times article from 2015 about international uranium deals and donations to the Clinton Foundation. Optics are bad, but here is some corrective context. Still looks like the Clintons collected a lot for money from people involved in the deals.
  • A political science explainer about the power play between White House advisers and cabinet secretaries. The prediction is for chaos, but the best part is the view based on historical observation. 
  • More reports of incompetence/chaos.
  • A news article about dissenters inside the new administration and their twitter feed. However, no group has vetted them. It could be a complete fake.  
  • A call to the media to broil Trump for his lies or the lies of his staff. Another article explains how the lies, the abrupt announcements, etc., could all be a plan to tire out the opposition so they can't react when worse comes down the road. Speculative but plausible. 
  • The root of one of the lies--Trump's childish response to reporting about the size of the crowd for his inauguration.
  • A right-wing talking point that is such a lie. George Soros didn't bankroll the millions who marched the day after Trump's inauguration. Yet I here so many making this bogus claim. 

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