Sunday, September 29, 2013

Everyone says "Let's run the experiment."

Soon we will see what a government shutdown looks like in the 2010's. I can't remember clearly what the last one was like in the 90"s except that one of the big complaints was that you couldn't get a passport for the overseas trip you wanted to take. Ah, those were good times, not like our lean times now.

The Tea Party has so completely snowed itself that it thinks it will win this standoff. Establishment Republicans are very nervous, but they have to do it or every single one will have a ferocious primary challenger. They're more scared of the Tea Party than of the electorate as a whole.

The Dems need to show they can hold on. They don't show much apprehension about the shutdown. They were issuing all kinds of warnings about the sequester, but not a peep about this shutdown. That's confidence.

Fox News thinks THERE'S STILL A CHANCE!!!! Wow, that's desperation. Actually, it was House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy: "You assume they won’t vote for it. Let’s have that debate." LOL. Sure, the Senate Dems will vote for it... when 'it' is GOP capitulation.

Image: shutting down in 3..., 2...

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