Friday, September 27, 2013

Short: But what is the alternative to...

What are the alternatives to Obamacare? I ask this question regular. What would have been the alternatives to the stimulus or alternative composition of the stimulus? Who were the alternatives to Mitt Romney? I definitely asked that question.

But here's a question I didn't ask: If you're a Republican, what alternatives do you have? There aren't many Republicans making good policy suggestions, but you don't just want to fold. Ted Cruz is offering an alternative, and he's one of the few doing it. At least that's what Bernstein writes.

There is something to this argument. However, a big reason that there aren't more Republicans making suggestions is that either:

  1. The GOP have pretty much run dry on ideas.
  2. Republicans with ideas are staying mum because they don't want to draw the attention and ire of the very vengeful Tea Party. 
  3. (Holding place for other possibilities. I'm sure there are others that I can't think of.)
So maybe I have to disagree with Bernstein. Maybe the biggest problem isn't that the GOP isn't offering any alternative ideas to Cruz's approach. The problem is the Tea Party will rip apart anyone who offers a different idea. They are the equivalent of a Somali militia, I guess... maybe... really? I'm afraid maybe it's true.


Extra. The Economist is kinder. They compare the Tea Party to the Students for a Democratic Society or Joe McCarthy. The author wants to compare them to some unnamed totalitarians (Stalin, anybody?), but doesn't want to get spammed be inflammatory.

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Dangerous said...


The GOP has an alternative to Obamacare, but it's mostly just a give-away to the health insurance industry they represent. That's wedded with their hatred of Obama and takes advantage of an American public who is easily confused on a complex topics like health insurance.

So I'll put their current alternative succinctly: suffering and bankruptcy. Oh, and health insurance and healthcare insecurity for everybody except the rich -- which is pretty much the status quo prior to ACA.

I think many GOP leaders and rank and file think they can ride the blame game into another big victory in 2014 as they did in 2010. They might be right in which case they don't need to advertise their alternative to anything. If they can get people to vote against their own interests with obfuscation, lies, half-truths and FUD, that's what they will do to win.

I wish the Dems were as adept at it, or at least at forestalling the FOX lie machine.