Saturday, November 30, 2013

Short: GOP needs better healthcare lies

I'm not the only one who believes our national dialogue on healthcare is saturated with lying. Josh Barro still identifies as conservative though he's definitely not a cheerleader for the GOP healthcare non-platform. Read how he destroys the current GOP mishmash of healthcare promises lies. Perhaps he explains why I support ACA better than I can.

But to be fair, he ought to focus a bit of that biting critique on ACA too.

The GOP warned us
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Dangerous said...

You can expect the harping to become increasingly nasty in the us-versus-them motif. Clearly, the Republicans have the advantage in that realm due to their lack of any sense of shame and devotion of a large number of people who do not care about the situation of others if it costs them an extra dime.

This is a brutal assessment because it has to be. Giving opposing parties any benefit of the doubt simply weakens the giver's position, particularly in the eyes of supposed 'moderates' or those who don't want to pick a side. Hence, the GOP-biased think-tanks come up with just enough of an alternative for plausible deniability for uncommitted or casual parties, mostly so that heartlessness is not held against them come election time.

This is a great failure of President Obama and his political team. From the get-go, they had to make it clear and established as a baseline in the media and the public's collective mind that the current system was irrevocably broken already and that only a major rework like ACA was necessary to rebalance things at least somewhat. Once passed, they had to hit that note again and again to pre-thwart the coming GOP onslaught of half-truths, bogus alternatives, and self-serving declarations.

In the adversarial system we have now, building consensus is a nice concept, but not workable in practice. At most you can hope for a temporary governing majority to get something done. To preserve those initiatives, if not the governing majority that the opposition covets, the facts have to be changed on the ground. Otherwise, the side that made something happen will get the blame for all of it, including all pre-existing circumstances.

So when the election of 2014 rolls around, and insurance premiums go up 3%, the GOP will use that increase against the Democrats. The counter that prior to ACA rates were going up 6% a year is far too nuanced for MSM, who will prefer the conflict.