Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Funny Moment in Class Warfare: The Jon Stewart Edition

Mitch Daniels, Republican governor of Indiana and declined Presidential candidate, was interviewed by Jon Stewart last week. Daniels generally comes off well, but he does start mouthing Republican talking points, and Jon Stewart nails him.

Mitch Daniels mentions Obama's "obsession with wealthy people," "constant bashing," and "you could confiscate all..."

Jon Stewart interrupts: "Obsession, bashing, confiscate. I can understand the language of unity, and I'm not sure that that's it... The language that you just used, and slipped into quite easily, sounded ..."

Then Daniels explains that Stewart had asked him to defend policies that weren't his own. Stewart cordially lets him off the hook, while explaining that it's hard to get a Republican like Paul Ryan on the show to answer these questions.

Jon Stewart's point, which others can use, is to show that it's not class warfare to raise taxes from a 36% rate to a 39.5% rate. But it sounded better when Jon Stewart said it. Most people would pale pretty quickly if you told them they'd have to start paying either 36% or 39.5% taxes. Democrats need a bigger plan than this.

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