Sunday, March 4, 2012

Being a Republican means never saying I'm sorry

This seems to be one of Newt's principles. I suppose Newt apologized for making the commercial with Nancy Pelosi, but not for:
  • Having an affair while persecuting Bill Clinton for having casual sex.
  • Following a political strategy that cost a number of Republican House seats.
  • His questionable ethics while Speaker.
  • His lobbying consulting work after quitting the House.
  • His lies about his lobbying consulting work.
According to Newt, Rush Limbaugh needn't apologize for calling a 30-year law student a slut and a prostitute, and demanding that she upload sex tapes for his and other taxpayers to enjoy.

The president shouldn't apologize for what the military does in any of those insignificant foreign countries, but should be accountable for situations beyond his control, such as gasoline costing over $2.50 a gallon.

I'm really tired of politicians demanding that other politician apologize for or repudiate this or that. Tell me why the other politician is wrong, but don't go into a long, moralizing harangue. And when someone does decide to apologize, don't go into a long, moralizing harangue about why he shouldn't.

We aren't 8 year olds forced by our parents to make apologies. We are supposed to be adults who are capable of deciding when to apologize and when not to. Let's try to treat one another like adults, and steer clear of the apology circus.

You're not the boss of me, so I'm not listening ...

Update 3/6/12. I just found a compendium of the 21 insults Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke, the law student. Another indication that he's a shock-jock, not a political commentator.


truth > spin said...

While we may not be 8 year olds forced by our parents to make apologies, have you seen a lot of evidence that we are any more mature?

While we might say we wished that those who would seek to lead us actually did so, I don't think voters should be let off the hook when they continue to support candidates who offer fairy tale solutions for our real problems.

ModeratePoli said...

Sure, I see evidence that we are more mature, though not 100% evidence. Lots of Republicans lost in 2006. The candidates for president are offering much more detailed economic plans than they have in the past.

I don't let voters off the hook, but I don't presume to dictate how they should vote. Besides, how could you punish voters who vote wrong? Do you take away their voting rights?

No, they're punished by living with what they've done. It's kind of the perfect punishment, isn't it?