Monday, March 26, 2012

Short: Getting to small government

This piece from RedState was the most convincing argument for shrinking government that I've read. It eschews the name-calling, which helps make it readable. It doesn't dwell on resentment and ancient wrongs, but still manages to provide context for how government got as big as it is.

Though I don't share the view that government should be as small as this column advocates, I felt like I was walking in their shoes for the first time. It was a level-headed, compelling read.

The main point is that government growth is on auto-pilot due to the entitlements. To prevent entitlement spending from crowding the rest of the economy, it has to be reformed aggressively. That's a simple, coherent argument with a lot of merit. It neglects an important corollary: the possibly distressing effects for those who are dependent on those entitlements.Nevertheless, an interesting read that I recommend.

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