Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paradoxical quote of the day

"I learned so much law listening to Orrin Hatch. We all remember his memorable performances on the Senate Judiciary Committee. I was particularly influenced by him in my 20s and 30s during the Reagan and Bush I eras. His efforts to save the nomination of Clarence Thomas were truly heroic. Thomas was a weak candidate to begin with and the Anita Hill allegations seemed to many to be more than enough to doom his nomination. But Hatch took it upon himself to resurrect Thomas, and Clarence Thomas sits on the Supreme Court today as a result of the supreme efforts of Orrin Hatch. It takes a man with a very special gift to place a complete ignoramus on the U.S. Supreme Court." - Wall Street Journal comment

Courtroom of the Supreme Court

Background - Like other Republican senators, Orrin Hatch was been judged a RINO by Tea Partiers and faces Republicans challengers for his seat, which prompted this news item and attached comments. I have a soft spot for Orrin Hatch, who seems to me one of the most decent and respectful politicians.

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