Saturday, June 28, 2014

Short: Tea Party Babies

Some Tea Partyers are the biggest whiners. They say some horrid things about their opponents, like they're ruining the country, or they plan to reduce Americans to slaves of the government, and such. But they whine like two-year-olds if you put up a fight or show that they have some faults.

Here's what was said about a Tea Partyer who allegedly helped someone sneak into a nursing home and take unauthorized pictures of Senator Cochran's old, crippled, demented wife:
"It was an attack on a good man that is well respected... It’s shocking to those in the state who knew the demeanor and quiet dedication of the real Mark Mayfield. He ... didn’t deserve that kind of treatment."
This "great Christian man" killed himself rather than face the criminal charges. And it sure wasn't his fault! This time, personal responsibility has nothing to do with it!


Somewhat related: The Tea Party in Mississippi is extremely (always extreme with the TP) angry about Cochran's successful appeal to black Democrats to vote for him in the primary. Opinions are mixed about whether the GOP establishment and the Tea Party can make peace after Cochran's win.

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