Saturday, June 30, 2012

Short: Dems should be quiet about healthcare

Ezra Klein has another good column analyzing the dynamics of this election. He explains why the Democrats shouldn't crow about their ACA win at the Supreme Court.

The healthcare reform act remains unpopular, and it's also very complex. This complexity makes it harder to sell but easier to attack. The Dems can't undo the complexity, so a better strategy for them is to work other issues where they're stronger.

This isn't a message partisans want to hear, but I wonder whether the Dems will actually follow this strategy--go with their strengths for this election, and let ACA gradually pick up supporters as its benefits kick in.

Update. Some Dems at least are following the advice. The White House Chief of Staff said that Americans are tired of the health care debate and want to focus on jobs.

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Rose said...

That's a good point. I suppose it depends on whom they're targeting--the base or swing voters. Touting health care reform may not help them, but a disappointing SC ruling certainly would've hurt them.