Monday, November 12, 2012

Voter fraud or reporting fraud?

I'm fucking tired of lying right-wing media, so this won't be a pleasant post. Last night as I worked to document poll predictions, I came across this story of voter fraud in St. Lucie County, FL.

It seems that there was 140% turnout of registered voters. How did this fraud go unnoticed in a Florida county, but was detected by those hard-working watchdogs of liberty? They actually linked to the evidence, which was vote tallies. The first two pages show the fraud (example):
001 Lakewood Pk Vil Hall - County  (Reg. Voters) 4815   (Cards Cast) 6550   (Turnout) 136.03%
However, for anyone who bothered to go forward to page 3 of the pdf document (yeah, just click the arrow), you would find out the votes cast for president totaled 3280 in this precinct, so a turnout of 68%. Go to page 5, and you'll see that the votes in this precinct were 1869 for Romney and 1383 for Obama. This is the basis for, the Examiner, and FreeRepublic screaming about voting fraud.

Let me say something to the conservatives who are spreading this shit. Do some homework before you repeat this crap, and then you won't have to hide your mistakes (ahem, Conservative Commune).

Also not to be believed: 108% voter registration in an Ohio county. As I said, I'm so fucking tired, specifically, I'm tired of all the tremendous effort it takes to rebut liars.


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