Monday, November 19, 2012

Short: Revisiting the Senate

Likelihood is not destiny, as the Senate results showed. Back in April, I wrote about how the Dems had a lot of races in jeopardy, such as everything in the South, Midwest, Plains, and inland West. This is what the map looked like:

The results of the election were amazingly good for the Dems, who surprisingly held on to seats in Missouri, Virginia, N. Dakota, and Montana. They had expected pick-ups in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and an unexpected pick-up in Indiana. They also won toss-up races in Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin. A great record for the Dems and nasty for the GOP:


It's important to check your predictions against reality and outcomes. I blew this prediction.  A whole lot of GOP senate candidates blew their election bids. They blew it worse than I did.

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