Monday, December 3, 2012

Negotiation box scores

The Atlantic Wire had a neat summary of the negotiation offers, and I think I'll steal the idea. It'll be fascinating to see the evolution of the offers through these summaries. Here goes:

Boehner/Ryan 11/14/12
  • New revenue only through GDP growth.
  • All the spending cuts in the Ryan 2012 budget. (source)
Boehner 11/15/12
  • Ok, maybe some new revenue.
  • All the spending cuts in the Ryan 2012 budget. (source)
Obama 11/29/12
  • $400 billion in entitlement cuts.
  • $1.6 trillion in tax revenue.
  • $50 billion stimulus program. (source)
Boehner 12/3/12
    • $800 billion in tax revenue.
    • $600 billion in Medicare and Medicaid cuts.
    • $300 billion in savings from programs like farm subsidies.
    • $200 billion to slow growth of government, including Social Security.
    • $300 billion cut to federal agency budgets. (source)

    The first partially serious offer is Boehner's on 12/3. By the way, Boehner's new revenue would come only from high earners, according to the Washington Post. Look for more box score updates!



    John said...

    How do you know Boehner's new revenue will come only from high earners if he hasn't specified which deductions would be eliminated?

    That's a rhetorical question, by the way. You can't.

    ModeratePoli said...

    @John, it's not actually a rhetorical question. It's something that can be checked when the legislation is being negotiated and especially when it's being written. As I comment elsewhere, the Dems and GOP are going to watch the process very carefully to make sure they get what they agreed to. Some of the GOP felt scammed in the April 2011 agreements, so now the brains in Congress are paying close attention.

    Frankly, if Boehner makes the claim that the money will come from high earners, that's good. It's something to hold him to.

    The excuse "you can't be sure" isn't a legitimate reason to avoid the negotiations. They have finally started and I hope they don't stall.