Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rant: GOP tying themselves in knots

I'm so tired of how the GOP is trying to avoid the inevitable. This article talks about two (or is it three?) scenarios that the GOP in Congress could use to avoid voting for a tax increase on the highest 2%.


If you don't want to vote for a tax increase, just admit it and let the Bush tax cuts expire. Boom, no vote and the problem is solved. "Buuuuut, then we look like we don't care that taxes went up on everyone..." they seem to whimper. OK, so vote on something that can pass and prevents the taxes for going up on everyone. "But that breaks the tax pledge solemn commitment to our constituents and blah blah blah blah..."

The GOP congressmen are also whining about Obama playing hardball and zero-sum games (horrors) just when they're [finally] trying to be bipartisan.

Frankly, I'm so fed up that I don't care if we go over the fiscal cliff, EVEN THOUGH THAT'S IMPORTANT, because I can't stand the GOP whining. I would love to be able to hibernate until mid-January and wake up to the definitive answer to "did they or didn't they?" Unfortunately, I need to work, eat, and maintain my human relationships, so hibernation isn't an option, damnit!

The bottom line is that I'll be trying to ignore all the weasly, intricate, obscure, legalistic positions that the GOP takes as it tries extract itself from its own labyrinth. I won't be analyzing those GOP positions. I'll just be waiting for the end. That is all.


Photo of Boehner and congressional GOP leadership

Best Line: "Right now, [Boehner] is hoping to lead his fractious GOP to an orderly surrender" -- Dana Milbank. So true. I wish Boehner success.

Extra. I found this tax-vote-avoidance method a few days ago. It's worth reading, but I'm not looking at any others. None, I tell you!

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