Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sadly true headlines: The GOP

From HuffPo:
"The Absolutist Politics of Norquist and LaPierre Will Destroy the Republican Party"
I haven't even read the article because I have a load of Christmas shopping to do. For the record, I don't think the GOP will die. They have the will to stay whole, if not completely united. They also benefit from being the only alternative to the Dems, who seriously couldn't handle hegemony if it was handed to them. I mean, when it was handed to them. The GOP will continue as a viable party because the Dems aren't cut out for single-party rule.

That is all. Must go shopping. Must make reservations. Must STOP BLOGGING.


Sheepish confession: I'm back editing this post and adding the picture. Someone stage an intervention. But later, I've got more shopping to do.


Anonymous said...

Hey MP!! What did you get for me?

Actually, your blog posts are your gift to me, so please keep it up -- even when you're wrong.

Happy Holidays!!


ModeratePoli said...

My gift to you is ... forbearance? Nah. It's better than that. Thanks for all the comments, even the ones that are "harder to love."