Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Short: The death of talk radio

I blame conservative talk radio for the rabid, know-nothing streak in the hard right. So any news about the end of conservative talk radio greatly interests me. This article tells how elderly talk radio is. It should be shuffling off the air soon as its audience ages, shrinks, and becomes less desirable to advertisers. The younger generation never listens to the same stuff as their parents, so conservative talk radio is doomed. This is great news!

But not so fast. This commenter explains how his co-workers (soldiers, so presumably fairly young) listen to Rush every day during their commutes. It sounds like there are lots of these younger listeners. Damn, there goes my hope.


Update 10/27/13. Did I really write that I blame radio for "the rabid, know-nothing streak in the hard right"?? What was I thinking? If a political faction has a know-nothing streak, it's not due to an outside force--it's because they choose to be that way.

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