Saturday, November 17, 2012

Short: A conservative rejoins reality

It's a week after the reelection of Obama, and I'm checking in on HotAir. They don't have any stories on secession or the preliminary tax negotiations, but those gaps are for another post. This headline catches my eye: 

Rasmussen: 54% now call themselves pro-choice, 38% pro-life

It's followed by a reasonable analysis of the shift to pro-choice. Basically, whackos on the right pushed moderates into the pro-choice camp, at least temporarily. 

The next article has a headline about Dems wanting to go over the fiscal cliff, but the point is that some GOP might prefer it too because it gives them cover for not raising taxes.

What is going on here? Two articles in a row that challenge typical conservative thinking--that's amazing. Both are by Allahpundit. I look at an archive, and it doesn't look particularly insightful before the election. A dose of reality seems to have helped at least one pundit. I'm hoping that plenty more reality-based medicine is delivered during the next three months, and other conservative pundits recover too.

Be sure to read the comments. The HotAir audience hasn't joined Allahpundit in reality yet.

Update 11/21/12. Allahpundit is back to nasty. It was highly likely if not inevitable.

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Dakarian said...

For a moment, they were set to REALLY change up their plans. Check out this item if you haven't heard yet:

Made by a member of the Republican Study Committee and is a surprisingly sensible article on copyright law and what can be done about it. Being well received on both sides so far.

Of course, it was pulled by the RSC the day afterwards. However, it seems the writer still agrees with the message.